About Inklette

Inklette is a not-for-profit, online literary magazine helmed by emerging artists and writers from all over. Inklette believes in the public role of art as well as literature.

We think all art is political. We believe that a work of art can make us feel as though our backs are ‘straight road(s) to the sky,’ as Brigit Pegeen Kelly puts it in her poem ‘Song.’ So give us your ‘sugar-coated sardines’ or the ‘flock of birds perched on cacti.’ We look forward to reading your work.

Inklette was started by Devanshi Khetarpal in March 2014 as an e-newsletter for her local public library in Bhopal. Later, Devanshi and the poet Trivarna Hariharan re-launched it in its present form as an online literary magazine. Now Inklette is overseen by Devanshi and run by volunteers from around the world.

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please email us at info.inklettemagazine@gmail.com. 

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