Literary Magazines

Just like Inklette, there are several literary magazines out there that hope to provide a global platform for emerging talent. A few of our literary-magazine/journal-friends have similar yet vastly different goals. Here are a few which inspire us and make us feel at home:

Phosphene Literary Journal: Phosphene Literary Journal is a not-for-profit, international literary journal founded in the summer of 2014 that hopes to give young writers a chance to be heard. Phosphene looks for the new and the wild. Its contributors come from places like UK, Russia, Canada and Bahrain. ‘Bring us a candle, and we’ll show you the way’ 

logo-home@2x1Textploit: Textploit is an online magazine for young writers and artists. They have a monthly issue and feature all forms of writing and art. In the wonderful voice of Textploit, they seek, ‘the voice of teens, who are intelligent and ambitious, who are serious but don’t take themselves too seriously, who have something to say but are poorly served by the dull prospects of online teen publishing.’

The Southern View: The Southern View, an underground satirical newspaper, is run by none other than our awesome prose editor, John S. Osler III. South View’s first-ever student-run newspaper eventually disbanded. But John Osler, then, compiled ideas that were pleasantly incorrect and could never be cited in a real student newspaper. You will find, here, the ‘intentionally bad, un-fact checked literature you can’t find anywhere else!’ 

Glass Kite AnthologyGlass Kite Anthology is a non-profit, independent literary and arts journal dedicated to the dangerous. To the uncaged. To the brutally honest that cuts through tendon and singes flesh. Go ahead, submit. Break the glass. Let your words fly.

logojSugar RascalsSugar Rascals is an international literary magazine dedicated to work of talented, blossoming teenagers.”We want our contributors to expose their voices to the world, and to grow above all else. We want to explore the parts of ourselves that we are ashamed or afraid of. We want you to be true to yourself, and perhaps more importantly, accept yourself for the unique, courageous being you are.The power of words and art does unfathomable things to the human spirit, so show us. Take a chance. Submit.”

Polyphony H.S.: Polyphony H.S. is an international student-run magazine for high-school writers. Polyphony H.S. is published annually in August. It offers three awards for excellence in writing through the Claudia Ann Seaman Awards, one each in poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Parallel Ink: Parallel Ink is an international online literary and art publication for and by students from 12 to 18 years of age. The staff is comprised of over twenty quirky teen editors, translators, illustrators, social media bloggers, and graphic designers around the world who make it their mission to support and encourage fellow young writers and artists. Submit your creative and/or critical work to them at any time.

1447221234Sprout Magazine: A nonprofit, online literary journal for and by young writers, Sprout Magazine looks to publish creative media that demonstrates awareness of the world and social commentary, sharing art in its purest, rawest form. Sprout encourages young voices of all kinds, and will publish any creative media that is bold, raw, and unafraid.

Quail Bell Magazine: Quail Bell Magazine is a place for real and unreal stories and accepts submissions in art, writing, and multimedia, including creative, journalistic, and (semi-)scholarly work. It features both established and emerging writers from all over the world and values the arts, history, folklore, and other oddities often not mentioned in mainstream magazines.

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Half MysticHalf Mystic is an independent literary journal dedicated to the celebration of music in all its forms. We adore creators with études nestled between their ribs and sonatas shivering beneath their spines, and we believe there is music nestled in every cranny of the universe, only as intimate as it is limitless. One man dance parties — yellowed sheet music — half-empty jars of rosin — we believe in all of it, no matter how harmonious or dissonant. We publish the work that unravels the cadence of enchantment and shows us the mysticism in things. Send us your symphony.

Moledro Magazine: Moledro Magazine is a non-profit, global literary magazine—that seeks poetry and pieces which make an impact, that leave a lasting impression on our minds, whose connotations and words spring back at us at the most unpredictable times. Moledro aspires to create an international, high school community of poets and writers.

logoLoud Zoo Magazine: Bedlam Publishing was founded in late 2003 in Casper, Wyoming on the grand delusion that we could initiate a regional literary movement. In the years since, we have shifted our goals, varied our projects and become a bit more concerned with (for?) humanity. We have produced two different print magazines, our original literary magazine, “The Bedlam Reader(2005-2009), and our counter-culture monthly, “The Rag(2009-2010).

logo-random-sample2Random Sample Review is an online literary journal that is accessible and experimental. They publish work that yields truth, in its many forms, and speaks on behalf of the experience of the body politic. In their words, they want “the random, the real, the raw, the honest.” Overall, they want work that is decidedly and unabashedly human.


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