Dottir Press

Dottir Press takes a feminist approach to publishing and artistic production, working to fill the absences in both our history and present culture through storytelling in all forms and for all ages. (The name dóttir, Icelandic for daughter, underscores passing on and building upon feminist intellectual and creative legacies.) We are queer-centered and woman-owned and operated.

LIBER: A Feminist Review

LIBERA Feminist Review is a new bimonthly print and online book review, created by the all-ages editorial team behind the Women’s Review of BooksLIBER, a Latin word meaning both “book” and “free,” underscores the crucial role of writing and publishing in this movement.


post- is a digital space dedicated to uplifting, amplifying, and sharing the voices of queer creators. The world is full of posts- and dreams of future posts-: post-gender, post-op, post-patriarchy, post-oppression and post- explores them all. The journal publishes poetry, flash fiction, fiction, creative-nonfiction, and art with the purpose of documenting, archiving, and preserving queer thought as an act of resistance to society’s erasures. Started by Mary Mezzano and A.M. Wild, they are committed to exploring queerness as a nuanced, multiplicitous, and indeterminate space where lifestyle, politics, social expectations, race, gender, friendship, and sexuality co-exist.

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Half Mystic

Half Mystic is an independent literary journal dedicated to the celebration of music in all its forms. We adore creators with études nestled between their ribs and sonatas shivering beneath their spines, and we believe there is music nestled in every cranny of the universe, only as intimate as it is limitless. One man dance parties — yellowed sheet music — half-empty jars of rosin — we believe in all of it, no matter how harmonious or dissonant. We publish the work that unravels the cadence of enchantment and shows us the mysticism in things. Send us your symphony.

Singapore Unbound

Starting in the USA, Singapore Unbound builds people-to-people understanding by facilitating cultural exchange, publishing literary works of merit, and presenting insightful events. Their flagship activity is the biennial Singapore Literature Festival in New York. Started in 2014, the festival brings together Singaporean and American authors and audiences for in-depth conversations about literature and society. Between festivals, SU extends the dialogue by running the Second Saturdays Reading Series, a regular platform for the reading of Singaporean and American literatures in various intimate venues around New York City. Their independent press, Gaudy Boy, brings powerful works of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction by authors of Asian heritage to an American audience. Finally, SP Blog is the literary and arts blog focusing on book reviews and artist interviews.

The Alipore Post

A weekly curated newsletter full of poetry, writing, music & art discovered online + a contemporary journal highlighting India’s contemporary poetry, art and creative scene. Subscribe and check out their website.

EX/POST Magazine

EX/POST is a nonprofit independent literary and arts journal open to visual art, poetry, fiction, essays on craft, one-act plays, and more. They welcome submissions from all ages, but, as a youth-led publication, they are also especially interested in amplifying the voices of young writers.

Qissa Magazine

Qissa, meaning fable, is a word found in the Malabarian dialect of Kerala in south India. The small coastal region of Malabar with its endless stories, mangroves and mangosteen trees has raised many talented writers. Be it poetry or satire, we have our icons. We strive to keep that spirit of storytelling alive. 

Qissa is an online quarterly literary publication with a focus on south India. We accept relevant and innovative short fiction, poetry and essays from around the world. We love gutsy, insightful, and provocative work. There need not be something new for you to say, but the way you say it has to be birthed anew. Like a fresh gust of sea-breeze, if your writing refreshes our soul, we’d be happy to give your work a home. There is no charge for submissions. You can send in your work either in English, or Malayalam. 

Fledgling Writing Workshops

A fresh approach to creative writing classes, Fledgling Writing Workshops provides generative courses for those who need a push from the nest. Whether in person in Brooklyn or online from anywhere, all Fledgling workshops include or are centered around in-class writing time. We aim to provide an inclusive environment for beginners and begin-againers to develop ideas and content regardless of their past writing accomplishments or prerequisites. All prompts are designed with our three basic tenants of a healthy generative practice in mind: tenderness, playfulness, and resourcefulness. With courses for every level and goal, we want to write with you!

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