Issue II

Editors’ Note



Insight: Akhil Katyal 

Behind the Scenes: Vikram Kushwah



Lisa Stice Ι Unconventional Warfare

Caroline Tsai Ι A Postcard

Emma Hoffman Ι Etymologies of the Divine

Nate Maxson Ι 8 Frames of a Boy Falling from a Ferris Wheel

Nancy Devine Ι RX

Bruce Sager Ι Getting off the Bus

Lily Zhou Ι Kinematics in One Direction

Meghan Bliss Ι Stillborn

Meg J. Petersen Ι Watering the Graves

Laura Madeline Wiseman Ι People like Cats

Cassie Hottenstein Ι Sawgrass Angel

Daniel James Sundahl Ι The World is Different Today

Lizzy Nichols Ι To You who live in my first home: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Luke Henter Ι You could never stay silent for long

William Miller Ι Greek Mythology

John Stupp Ι Thank God Robert was with me

Chaun Ballard Ι The most popular word searched over the past seven days

Dylan Krieger and Vincent Cellucci Ι Two Poems



Matt Kolbet Ι The Bonneville Dam

Sierra Nitschke Ι Dogtags

Elizabeth Bruce Ι Boogie Board

Swapnil Ι Aroma of the Winter Air

Christopher Horton Ι A Tale of Two Junkies and a Great Woman

Sneha Ratakonda Ι Zero Survivors

Victoria Griffin Ι The Highest Shelf

Jerome C. Keith Ι She loves Fish

Louis Millard Ι Elegance

Naina Atri Ι Saffron

Meg Petersen Ι The Visitor

Linda C. Wisniewski Ι Brownie’s Lunch

Daksh Gupta Ι Deep Thought The Walrus

Sarah Randall Ι For it was the middle of June

Ashley Law Ι Songbird

Len Kuntz Ι Trespass

John MacAyeal Ι Top Hat

Thomas Logan Ι Difficulty Swallowing

Rose Fortune Ι Quare; colloq. slang

Hazel Prior Ι Friendship Plus

Ann Martin Ι Like a Fish

Leila Shirian Ι Holes

S. Winters Ι Lovers Haunt

Elaine Lay Ι Shadeborn

David Benedictus Ι Alice’s Adventures in The Sky

Kailey Nelson Ι Untouched

Thomas Singer Ι …And it seems I’ve just woken up

Haley Reed Ι The Lonely Between



Chaun Ballard Ι Leonidas plays the Guitar: Athens, Greece

Stacey Lin Ι Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Nikita Kothari Ι By the Grace of a Sculptor

Fabrice Poussin Ι Two Photographs

Gurnihal Singh Ι Two Photographs

Vibhav Kapoor  Ι Agony

Belle Carlson Ι Petrichor

Zunera Shahab Ι The Flying in the Sea

Ujjwala Gour Ι Saffron Sky

Daniel Wu Ι Two Photographs

Daniel De Culla Ι Curtains

Swapneel Parmar Ι India Today

Santiago Villar Ι Big Aspirations

Apurva Bhalla Ι Love in a Hopeless Place



Simran Khokha Ι Black and White

Narisa Devakula Ι Rebecca

Alexandria Heather Ι World Dreaming

Clinton Inman Ι Elba at the Window

Ashwin Pandya Ι Two Sketches

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