Issue I

Editors’ Letter



Ian Burnette  Ι Ghost Story

Anya Groner & Katharine Ogle  Ι  Two Poems

An Interview with David Benedictus 



Meggie Royer  Ι  Road Rage

Ted Millar  Ι  The Santa Clause: Don’t Lie to Your Children

Smriti Verma  Ι  When Spring,

Lisa Stice  Ι  In Training

Jerrod Schwarz  Ι  Two Poems

Richard King Perkins II  Ι  Mirage

Evan Goetz  Ι  Varicose Veins

Joanna Cleary  Ι  Dear Persephone

Brad Garber  Ι  On the Point

Kristen Kane  Ι  In the event we get stranded

M.A. Schaffner  Ι  Urb Ex-Jungle



Kriti Mehra  Ι  Journal Entry of a Dead Soul

Sarah Pascarella  Ι  Right Palm

Warren Read  Ι  On the Edge of Black Lake

Kartik Agarwal  Ι  Faded Memories

Lisa Liu  Ι  Crease

Leanne Carman  Ι  Two Pieces

Gabriel Congdon  Ι  The Supermarket Artist

Chad Lutz  Ι  Brotherly Love

Jim Gish Ι  Jackyo

Deepti Chadha  Ι  Partition

Haley Zilberberg  Ι  Chronicles of the Chronically Ill

Chris Bedell Ι  I’m In Hell And I Have No Idea How To Come Back

Robert Vivian  Ι  Click Here to Begin Your Ascent

Vaishnavi Sanap  Ι  Winter Romance


Photography & Visual Art

Maria Fleury  Ι  Broken Playground

Louis Staeble  Ι  Two Photographs

Aashna Sharma  Ι  Reflections

Amisha Das  Ι  Starlore

Meenakshi Rauthan  Ι  Unwritten

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