Issue V

Editor’s Note



Interview with Steve Klepetar



The Evolution of Wings Ι Rona Wang 

Ranch Window Ι John Mark Jennings 

Where My Mother Put Her Faith Ι Lorraine Henrie Lins 

Faded Memories Meld Together Ι Amanda Jones

Two Pieces Ι Andréa Acker

September Becomes Another Continent Ι Erin Slaughter

Two Poems Ι Steve Klepetar

Nostalgia Ι Li Dai

AA Ι Ashlyn Metcalf

Interiors Ι Leland James 

The Red Hill Ι Rebecca Pyle 

Two Pieces Ι Alison Kruse 

Lower East Side Ι Seth Wandersman

City Strolls Ι Elena Murphy

The Whole World is My Home Ι Thandokuhle Msibi 

Three Photographs Ι Nyri A. Bakkalian

Coming Home from the Aiport Ι Elizabeth Czer

Cave of Hands Ι Martha Kalin

Two Photographs Ι Brad Garber

Two Photographs Ι Mark Aizenberg





The Birds Ι Kate Hanson Foster

Brother With Ruger 10.22 Ι Emma Camp

My Parrot and I Ι Carl Boon



White for Mourning Ι Vriddhi Vinay

Sleep On Sleep Off Ι Henry Hietala



Two Pieces Ι Christine Stoddard

Knife Town Ι Kelcie Walther

Red Bricks Yellow Shoes Ι J. Alan Nelson

Three Pieces Ι Raina Lee

The Little Prince Ι Ava Borte 

Port of Newark/ Elizabeth New Jersey Ι Bruce Brager

Three Photographs Ι John Chavers

Floating Ι Gabe Hales



Looking to the Light Ι Robert Alexander

Stop Clicking Around Ι j4 

Untitled Ι Nia Smalls

Touch is the sense that makes us human Ι Sophie Horrocks

Two Pieces Ι Madeleine Rhondeau



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