Interview with Linda Ashok and Jamel Brinkley

Our blog editors, Maria Prudente and Joanna Cleary, were interested in interviewing writers about their obsessions and repulsions and how they influence writing. Scroll down to read their interviews with two writers we love, Linda Ashok and Jamel Brinkley.

Interview with Jenn Givhan

In celebration of International Women’s Day, our blog editors, Joanna Cleary and Maria Prudente, interviewed poet and novelist Jenn Givhan for the Inklette blog. Read on to know more about the women writers who inspire her, writing about motherhood and lots more!

In Conversation: Blog Editors 

Blog editors, Joanna Cleary and Maria Prudente, talk about their writing lives and its challenges, writers who inspire them, the importance of an artistic community, and, of course, blogging and their plans for the Inklette blog!

On Having A Blog

My blog is relatively young, just two months old at this point, and while I’m scared I’m running through ideas at an unsustainable rate, it’s still given me more or less what I wanted. It’s nice to have a platform to articulate the ideas that bounce around in my mind in lazy moments, and it’s given me a real opportunity to connect with people.”

Revision and How To Make it Not Suck

“No matter where you are in your writing process, revision will always come around. It creeps into your thoughts and makes you question if your writing is good enough, or if you should even keep going if the pages behind you are trash.”

In Defense of Fiction

“But still, even when I’m conceiving a scene for something I’m writing, it’s usually in the language of film, working out the lightning, color palette, scenery layout, and audio. It’s usually a struggle to incorporate senses like smell, touch, or taste, senses you can’t see on the screen. And I can’t help but ask myself why.”


Inklette’s blog shall be featuring organisations, groups and individuals from all across the world that work to promote creativity among children and underrepresented communities. 

We would like to thank 826LA for being a part of this initiative. Special thanks to Art and Photography Editor, William Higgins. 

On The Female Body

“Being a Poetry Editor for Inklette, I spend an embarrassing amount of time writing and reading poetry. Here is a list of poems about the female body that each emotionally resonate with me.”

Period Dramas and Soul Food

“It’s beautiful, but not to a degree of hurting: just the right amount, the right music, the right shot, all of it coming together to create an effect so enrapturing and raw that you feel like you’re falling asleep.”

Here’s Why Art Is Never Easy

“Our lives are struggles, to bear witness, to speak out, to stand for something which we believe is worth standing for. If you thought it is easy, it isn’t. But easy, isn’t always beautiful.

The artists will tell you that.”

Let’s Talk About Fan Fiction

“It’s an uncomfortable topic when it comes to literature— because it’s not really considered as such. When anyone can publish anything online, using pre-existing characters for what most likely will be a short cliche romance story, it isn’t considered very impressive.”

Letter From Art 

“Since my inception, perhaps even before—when my idea was being conceived in black holes—I was meant to be imbibed, not made. I had smooth, flexible ends, not the stiffness of unwritten rules and tacit protocols which were forced upon me by every movement no matter how much liberal and anti-establishment it called itself to be.”

Five Reasons Why You Can’t Write Poetry Proven Wrong

As difficult as this may be to accept, in order to write good poetry, one first has to write “sort of good” poetry. In order to write “sort of good” poetry, one first has to write bad poetry.

How to Write a Good Break-Up Poem (or any Good Poem, really)

Break-ups suck. Whether they are with a significant other, friend, or family member, the process of ending a relationship is never easy. However, if you are an aspiring writer, you may be wondering not so much as to whether you’ll ever find love again, but rather how to write a break up poem as scathing as Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 137” or as full of grief as Pablo Neruda’s “Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines.”

Artwork by Margaret Lu and William Higgins

Presenting artwork by Art and Photography Editors, Margaret Lu and William Higgins. 

Four Poets Reflect on ‘Home’

Tishani Doshi, Lydia Havens, Trivarna Hariharan and Derrick Weston Brown reflect, through poetry, on what home means to them.

Reflections On A Failed Writing Experiment

“But in my rush to make myself a better writer I forgot that life sustains writing, and that life is important in and of itself.”

How To Find Inspiration To Write

“Something to recognize is that everything that crosses your path, every situation you find yourself in is a potential story, even if it’s just something that you relay back to your friends later after it happens.”

Pushcart Nominations

Inklette Magazine is thrilled to announce its Pushcart nominees! Read on to know more about them and what inspired their work.

Interview with Michelle Wosinski

Recently, Art and Photography Editor, Shweta Pathare, interviewed Graphic Fiction Editor and Contributor, Michelle Wosinski, for Inklette’s blog. Read this informal interview to know more about ‘Mitch’ and view her work! 

Blaine’s Fire

“Blaine didn’t light up his schoolwork either, he burnt his personal writing. Every page filled to the margin.” Read a short story by our Prose Editor, John S. Osler III. 

What It Means To Be An Editor

Editor-in-Chief, Trivarna Hariharan, reflects on her editorial stint. “Editors work within frameworks and paradigms fenced by rules which are adhered to. This disallows them from being biased or coloured by factors other than the ones assigned to the working of the magazine,” she says. 

 In Response to ‘The Sacred Androgen: The Transgender Debate’ by Daniel Harris

Cisgender people are in a position of power and have privileges that transgender people do not. Writers have the wonderful and beautiful tool of language and the ability to employ rhetoric to make readers see things differently. In the case of Daniel Harris’s “The Transgender Debate,” his writing was not that of beauty, but of destruction.

Staff Tales

The Inklette team comprising entirely of youngsters in high school or college has been busy curating submissions and adding the final touches to the magazine’s second issue, due to be released in early April. But in addition to editorial duties and preparing for finals, the multi-talented members have been involved in a host of other creative and profitable activities as well, whether it’s being published in literary journals, winning competitions or even graduating from high school an entire semester early!

Inklette interviews Sprout Magazine

Inklette interviewed a dear friend, Sprout Magazine, that turns one next month. 

Sprout envisions “a space where young minds can share their thoughts and opinions about society through creative expression.” Sprout is a nonprofit, online literary journal for teens, by teens and publishes “creative media that demonstrates awareness of the world and social commentary, sharing art in its purest, rawest form.”

Inklette interviews Loud Zoo Magazine

“Inklette interviewed a friend, Loud Zoo Magazine, which  is “concerned with powerful and unique visions rather than chasing markets and pandering to trends.” “

Jim Harrington interviews Inklette

“Jim Harrington interviewed the Editors-in-chief of Inklette, Trivarna Hariharan and Devanshi Khetarpal, about Inklette on his blog, Six Questions For.

LitBridge interviews Inklette

“LitBridge recently interviewed the Editors-in-chief of Inklette, Trivarna Hariharan and Devanshi Khetarpal.”

An Interview With the Textploit Team 

Recently, Inklette had the privilege to interview the three head editors of Textploit, an online magazine dedicated to displaying the works of young writers and artists of all sorts.”

2015 in Review

2015 was a great year for Inklette, a year that included the first online issue in November. Together, the team has grown and so has Inklette, and there is much more to come in 2016!”

Ian Burnette reads ‘ Ghost Story’

“We’re missing our dear ol’ Issue 1 again! And while we wait for Issue 2, let’s rewind to Ghost Storya wonderful poem by featured poet, Ian Burnette. Watch him read his poem. “

How We Learn When We Are Young

“Children are praised for sitting in their seats, for answering things how they are taught to, and for being quiet. But if we let young people voice what they had to say, I’m sure we would learn just as much as they learn from adults.”

Warren Read reads ‘On the Edge of Black Lake’

“We asked a few of our Issue 1 contributors to send us videos of them reading their work. Here is Warren Read reading from his novel excerpt, On the Edge of Black Lake.”