1. we don’t talk to each from across the room.

you call it a habit, but I don’t think it’s that.

2. You had once insisted we did away with the barricades

that partitioned the room into two.

There are none now.

But we feel claustrophobic,   still.

3. The silent metronomes of our hearts sound familiar.

Perhaps it rains outside.

4. I open the windows to let the breeze pour in. I can’t hear you over the phone.

You talk too loud.

5. Silence subsides, but

only outside. The breeze

has turned to a wind.

That’s all.

Trivarna Hariharan is an author, musician, filmmaker and humanitarian. Her work has been published across the globe, in various literary magazines, zines and journals such as Teen Ink, YoungMinds, Literature Studio, Writers Asylum, Textploit and so on and forth. Her first poetry book, Musings of an Alchemist was published by CreateSpace. She holds a grade 4 distinction in keyboard from the Trinity College of London. She is also the school representatives member at a social organisation called Redefy, the Social Outreach Co-ordinator at Textploit and the editor-in-chief at Inklette.