Editors’ Letter

There is nothing more to say than that Inklette hopes to give someplace to reside and something to believe. As writers and artists, we may even have found those spaces and beliefs yet we are on the lookout. However, both of us have found that space and belief in Inklette. Before we took on the task to expand Inklette from being a tiny newsletter to an online literary magazine, our worlds were smaller. Our worlds were isolated. Now, we have found a better place to inhabit. We have found an orbit, an axis: all of which is composed of the brilliant community Inklette seems to have created.

This wouldn’t have been possible without our unbelievably talented team. Throughout the submissions period till the editorial rounds, our team worked in accordance with Inklette’s ideals and settled for nothing but the best. Their efforts, energy and charisma gave life to this issue. Their commitment and professionalism astounded and inspired us and never, in the past month, have we gone to bed without being impressed and equally thankful. The publication of the first issue does bring a sense of achievement and pride but more so, it fills us with gratitude. When we say they are ‘unbelievably talented’, we certainly do mean it. Keeping this in mind, we are pleased to announce John S. Osler III as the ‘Inkletter of the Month.’ John’s attitude, enthusiasm and talent strengthened ours. (Also, Josler’s ‘Ad Blitz: The Good Kind, Not the Political Fear-Mongering Kid,’ is a novel advertising concept. Everything said and done, Josler’s awesome).

Inspired by our own coincidental and enduring friendship, we asked more Friends to join us. Our friends include literary magazines, writing cum mentorship programs and other initiatives for young and emerging artists and writers. Through the Friend Network, we hope to collaborate in the future and promote each other to create a greater sense of community.

In this issue, we are glad to publish both emerging and established artists and writers from all across the globe. Soon after sending the acceptance letters, some writers told us that this was going to be their FIRST publication. It would perhaps be an understatement to say that we were overjoyed. Deepti Chadha’s piece, Partition, gives a poignant and personal account of one of the most tragic events in history. Jerrod Schwarz’s dark poems completely took us away. Lisa Stice’s poem, In Training, uncovers absence and belonging. Reflections by Aashna Sharma has gives us clarity and foothold. These are just a few of the wonderful pieces that you will stumble upon.

We are glad to be featuring accomplished writers like Ian Burnette, Katharine Ogle and Anya Groner, and David Benedictus in this issue. We are truly thankful to have had the pleasure.

We hope you find what you’re looking for in this issue. We hope this gives you a habitat or help you steer through the day or make you see the same things in a fresh way. This issue will perhaps stir you in explicable ways. You might have big tears rolling down your eyes, just like we did. The horizon is huge. We occupy a microcosmic space. But we must occupy it fully. We hope this issue is successful in inking your heart all the way.

Most importantly, Thank You!

-Trivarna H. and Devanshi K.