Inklette: 2015 in Review

 January 8, 2016

A week ago, the Inklette Team was asked to explain what they learned from being a part of Inklette in 2015.

2015 was a great year for Inklette, a year that included the first online issue in November. Together, the team has grown and so has Inklette, and there is much more to come in 2016!


Trivarna Hariharan, Editor-in-chief

Embarking on this journey with Devanshi Khetarpal has been extremely enriching. I feel honored to be working alongside such talented teammates, from each of whom there is so much to learn. Inklette is one of the best literary experiences I’ve ever had. It has given me the opportunity to understand diverse kinds of literature and arts; and taught me how a magazine really operates. It has made me much kinder with younger authors. It has made me realize the importance of an effective editorial process. I hope Inklette grows by leaps and bounds, and makes us all proud in the years to come!


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Devanshi Khetarpal, Editor-in-chief and Founder

When I started Inklette as a six-page newsletter, it was impossible for me to visualize it as an online, literary magazine. Trivarna, my Kindred Spirit, and I embarked on a journey with little hope or expectation. Today, Inklette surprises me every step of the way. Each day I witness the community that Inklette has created. With the first issue itself, Inklette displayed its remarkable potential and energy. We have published both emerging and established writers. Our careful editorial process has helped us to create a long-lasting bond with all our contributors. As the Editor-in-Chief, I feel fortunate to be working with so many talented artists and writers from all over the world. Working for Inklette constantly helps me see what other writers today are aiming towards. Inklette is a passion, a world, a creation but above all, it is something I am grateful for.



John S. Osler III, Prose Editor

Discovering Inklette this year has shown me how great collaborative writing can be. Up until this summer, when I discovered Inklette at the Iowa Young Writer’s Studio, writing was mostly something I did alone, behind closed doors. Inklette showed me how rewarding it can be to work with someone else to hone their work and make something greater.



Nathalia Baum, Prose Editor

One of the only other passions of mine that comes close to writing itself is helping other writers. There’s just something magical about actively engaging with a piece of work and its author. From working as a consultant in my school’s writing center to being a TA for Creative Writing, I’ve always loved figuring out ways to make a writer’s already beautiful thoughts even more beautiful. This past summer, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio. There, I met so many amazing writers–including Devanshi Khetarpal, one of the wonderful Editors-in-Chief of Inklette. Each time I see a new submission for Inklette, I’m immensely grateful she and Trivarna Hariharan gave me a chance to expand my passion even more.



Scott Stevens, Poetry Editor

This publication is the first publication I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It has a spirited staff, a superb influx of work from around the world, and a dedication to finding the best styles of poetry and prose from both new and experienced writers. This large volume of writing gives me hope that there will always be people from Mumbai to London to North Dakota, writing and ready to share their work.



Liana Fu, Prose Editor

 I’ve only been a prose reader for Inklette for a few months, but it feels like I’ve been here much longer. I love the sense of community and meaningful interactions about writing. It’s great to share a passion with other people who are just as enthusiastic as I am and eager to create amazing art.



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Smriti Verma, Poetry Reader

Inklette is, perhaps, one of the first magazines that I’ve worked for in a proper way, and it’s been great to be part of a literary community where you can communicate with others of your age and where the editors are friendly and welcoming and trust your opinion. Perhaps one of the best parts of being a reader for Inklette has been actively forming and debating the merits of a piece and seeing it from other perspectives. In this sense, Inklette is about evolution of both the editor and the author. Apart from this, there is obviously something beautiful of being part of a community where young people collaborate and simply strive to make good art.


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Joanna Cleary, Poetry Reader

I recently joined Inklette as a Poetry Reader and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the submissions for our second issue. Inklette has not only introduced me to fellow poetry lovers, but it has also exposed me to various writing styles, genres, and techniques from poets around the world. This has helped me understand what poetry means to others, which, in turn, has helped me redefine what poetry means to me. 2015 was a great year for Inklette. I have a feeling that 2016 will be even better. As we continue to create and share new art forms, I hope that we will encourage our readers to see the world through multiple perspectives and foster a love of all things creative.


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Archita Mittra, Intern

Inklette has offered me the chance to interact and actively work with a vibrant community of incredibly talented young writers and artists. Moreover, it has introduced me to a wide range of literary styles and influences, and given me a perspective on how writing and art is published and perceived today. Ultimately, Inklette goes on to prove that writers need not work in isolation, and that great art is more than often, collaborative. As an intern, I’m immensely grateful to be a part of this wonderful magazine and I wish Inklette success in all its endeavors.



Divyam Sharma, Social Media Manager

I have been a Social Media Manager for Inklette since its inception in 2015. It has been a spectacular experience so far. Day to day analysis of data, and the responsibilities of content curation along with constant monitoring has made it so much more exciting. The exposure to established poets and authors from around the globe has proved to be a boon for my urge to read, also the teammates in the visual arts department have always left me wondering if the world is so much more colorful than what I can see around me. As the journey continues in 2016, I hope our upcoming issues strike more and more number of clicks and every other time we publish, we do it with an increased vigor and a greater commitment for the cause of spreading love for art.


Blog Credits: Haley Zilberberg (Intern)