A Century from Chania

the jaw



hooked from

behind the molar


and propped on 

the oily kitchen



teeth with crown


and filling, 

gums and all—&


laughter that peels

the yellow wall-


paper, unfurling

like a scroll or


a map of the island—

vacant eyes, 


a mind that

clicks between the



new asphalt, wafts


of petroleum—the

carnality of violence 


& nudity to store in 

secret backrooms 


though the key is

kept within reach. 


I am dying 

to know what


you thought of

the boy at the 


opposite end of the

table, looking



to a cavern of 


silence & 



to hear

you speak. 

MATT VEKAKIS is a poet, educator & proud Bostonian. His work has been published in Poached Hare and Waccamaw Journal, and will be the feature of a new vocal work to be premiered by the Quorum Boston vocal ensemble in Summer 2019. In his spare time, Matt still likes to wear the medal he received as the runner-up state champion of the 2007 Connecticut Geography Bee.