Fugitive Acts

Shadroch Minkins walked out federal prison.


hear, beneath the dearth of sky, 

hear, the buried dead in a seated posture.

follow the drinking gourd! 

follow the drinking gourd!”


Hear, an empty search warrant to the soul 

A hand quaint flirted a bone heap, wooded patrol,

     dim and dark runs, from Mobile Alabama up the Tombigbee only runs

cold in the woodcutters veins; not among black—


what stalks in silence                      against the black skies 

in cover of mother sky.

Let lantern, enter-  

let petals regard the light

now let me fly, now let me fly.



Search the deepest hollow,                         the light is in the east

fill a pattern transformed,            the song talks of the promised land.


In the common lilies, among the shadows 

Property-less breath, heart, sweat, nose

there were lions in the way, I don’t expect to stay much longer – this ancient game of go



The canary in the coal-mine, my drum fell where the dead

turn pale-faced, no turmoil, 

nor sweat nor tears nor sweat, 

a sympathizer in the stocks

the cabin offers exigency plans.

Foaming dogs tear            lyrics nor, by strict lines of undergrowth. 


Hear, the city where once, children dreamt of life, 

hear where Dad happened        to pass an angel 


Hear, it falls from the sky. 

In the surrounding air and the surrounding sea.


this extradition has no space to hold

a democracy like instinct                           opens a shuttered eye.

JONATHAN ANDREW PÉREZ, Esq. has published poetry online and in print in Prelude, The River Heron Review, The Write Launch, Meniscus Literary Journal, Rigorous Literary Journal, The Florida Review’s Latinx publication, Panoply Magazine, the Raw Art Review, Junto Magazine, Watermelanin, Cold Mountain Review’s Justice Issue, Yes, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Mud Season Review, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, The Esthetic Apostle, The Piltdown Review, The Tulane Review, The Tiny Journal, The Westchester Review, Metafore Magazine, Silver Needle Press, and Swimming with Elephant. He has poems forthcoming in Projector Magazine, Cape Cod Poetry Review, The Chicago Quarterly Review, The Worcester Review, Abstract: Contemporary Expressions, Quiddity on NPR, Cathexis Northwest Press, Ars Poetica 2019, and Pamplemousse.

Jonathan was selected by The Virginia Quarterly Review 2018 for a workshop with Jericho Brown and Cave Canem in 2018 and 2019 for workshops. He is a 2019 Pushcart Prize in Poetry Nominee.

He has a day job as a prosecutor. He is currently working on his first collection, “Victomology Pastoral” about racial history and natural destruction.