Twin cities.
with you too—
the Kama bank,
our sauna in
the dacha, grand
rifts, games, gifts
the night like
You quickly
fever of the bleak,
pothole debris—
and there is
same. Infants
paired cages.
salad with
and then you
snow scene you
I feel twinned
side by side on
cooling from
the nude.
In glitter-framed
which drop on
iron curtains.
feel it too;
dermis of
delve below
more of the
crushed in their
Green and red
everything. Now
sparkle in the
gave me, still.

MELISSA EVANS lives in Oxford, UK. She is interested in spaces where art and science crossover, particularly studies in neurocognitive poetics. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Barzakh Magazine, The Closed Eye Open, Hare’s Paw Journal, The Banyan Review, Cathexis Northwest Press, The Write Launch, and elsewhere.