Five Pieces

Artist Statement: These acrylic pour paintings are part of a large collection of over 70 paintings that explore the earth, the body, the environment and the mystery that binds it all together. The pieces are created by combining acrylic paint with various substrates and silicone oil. The layers of paint react within the mixture according to their density, and form an abstract design. I interpret the design in terms of land, water, sky, body, natural elements and phenomena, particularly exploring the magical and mysterious nature of these things. My aim in creating this collection is to present unusual and alternative views of life and nature in order to inspire viewers to “widen their world.” I believe that when we can perceive with our imaginations and not rely only on literal interpretation, our world (our connection to and understanding of it) becomes more meaningful to us. The way the paints interact with the substrates is solely science based (think specific gravity) but what is produced is random and unique. Our understanding of the earth, the sky, and the body opens on other levels when viewing this art.”

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SANDY COOMER is an artist and poet living in Brentwood, TN. She is the author of three poetry chapbooks, including the recent Rivers Within Us (Unsolicited Press). Her art has been featured in local art shows and exhibits, and has been published in journals such as Lunch Ticket (Antioch University Los Angeles), Gravel, The Wire’s Dream Magazine, and The Magnolia Review. She is a teacher, a dreamer, a seeker, and an explorer. Her favorite word is “Believe.”

In Flux

Artist Statement: In Flux was made during a time where I was questioning my identity and what I wanted to do in the future. I eventually realized its okay to change and have my interests shift with time.”



In Flux, Oil Paint on canvas, 2017

CONNIE LIU is a junior currently who has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. In her free time she loves to teach art to children and hopes to have an art related career in the future. Previous publications include L’Ephemere Review and Cicada Magazine. She has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, United Nations, and Philadelphia Classical Society.

Urban Jungle

Artist Statement: “Literature and visual art have a close relationship in their mutual exploration of extremes and contexts of human thought. My creative writing is rooted from my personal experiences of self-identity, racial identity, coming-of-age, and family struggle. My academic writing comes from my interests in art, philosophy, and economics.

My oeuvre fulfills not only through the technical details that create and delimit it but also through its social impact, inspired across media. Much of my writing and art is situated in urban Atlanta, and the messages they paint—the two-faced nature of human rights, the abundance but scarcity of food, and the creative expression of heterogeneity—commemorate those who are voiceless. To me, creative power is a political power—a hammer for social change.”


“Urban Jungle,” Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 2017

ALBERT ZHANG is Head Editor for The Westminster Schools Bi-Line, the school newspaper. He also Co-Editor-in-Chief of Evolutions Magazine, Westminster’s annual creative writing magazine. Albert attended The Kenyon Review workshop, SCAD as a Silver Scholar, was published in Celebrating Art and exhibited in Atlanta’s High Museum, Capitol, and National Fair.



“Self Portrait,” Mixed Media, 2017

JIM ZOLA is a poet and photographer living in North Carolina.

The Red Hill


‘The Red Hill,’ Oil on Canvas, 2017

REBECCA PYLE is both painter and writer.  She has lived in Alaska, London, New York, and Kansas, among other places:  she now lives at the foot of many mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Poems and stories of hers appear in Healing Muse, Stoneboat, and, soon, Wisconsin Review.  In Salt Lake City, she is a member of the writing group, The King’s English, and the writing / performance troupe, Simple Simple. Images of her artwork appear in Raven Chronicles, Hawai’i Review, Inklette, and New England Review.  She is an oil painter.  More of her paintings can be seen in

Where My Mother Put Her Faith

LHL illustration 2.jpg

Illustration by Ashlyn Metcalf

When I was fourteen,

she’d spend her days in front

of the ironing board to keep

my father’s pockets tucked

with the crisp, white

handkerchiefs she’d press;

hours of devotion

in front of General Hospital.


The spike of her cigarette

burned flower stems of smoke

from the wide glass ashtray

stationed at the end of her board—


the glossy shift of sunlight

diffused through the half-drawn

drapes of the unwashed

living room window, an early twilight

and the hiss of hot iron

scorching the starched cotton flat—


the corners halved, pressed,

halved, pressed again

with the clean formality

of the iron’s sibilation,

the litany of:

fold hiss fold hiss fold hiss.

Lord have mercy.


LORRAINE HENRIE LINS is a Pennsylvania Poet Laureate in Bucks County and serves as the Director of New and Emerging Poets with Tekpoet. She is the author of a full-length book of poetry entitled, All the Stars Blown to One Side of The Sky (VAC Poetry) and two chapbooks. Her work appears in journals, anthologies and magazines both in print and online. Born and raised in the suburbs of Central New Jersey, this Jersey Girl now resides outside of Philadelphia with her family and several dogs, where she has learned to pump her own gas.

ASHLYN METCALF is an introvert, painter, creative writing nut, and artist. She studied art education at Northeastern State University and worked in education for 4 years. Moving towards painting full time felt natural although ‘a task difficult as hell’. Metcalf lives and paints in Tulsa, Oklahoma where the cicadas hum on summer nights.

Two Pieces

Artist Statement: “My art is inspired by Lithuanian archeologist Marija Gimbutas and her controversial “Goddess Theory”. I produce feminist art, honoring the matriarchal societies from the Neolithic period.”


‘Primordial Egg,’ Dried flowers and paper, 2016


‘Inside,’ Dried flowers and paper, 2016

ANDRÉA ACKER is a visual artivist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She studied art at the Maharishi University of Management, where Transcendental Meditation is part of the curriculum. For her, making art is a spiritual practice. With her art, Andréa honors the Matriarchal Societies and inspires the viewer with a Neolithic Goddess centered worldview; with the intention of creating a more peaceful and compassionate world.  For more of her work: