The 1000 Terrible Miles

Artist Statement

My collage work is an amalgam of vintage graphics, mixed media, and photography, arranged within photoshop. I tend to be drawn to exploring negative space & color. This particular series, ‘The Terrible Practice,’ (2021-2022) is an exploration of ego death and what lies beyond that.

Collage and Mixed Media, 2022

JESSE CAVERLY was born an hour outside of Boston but he and his mother quickly became nomads. He doesn’t remember much about Tucson and everything about Hawaii. There, he had a small white terrier as a pet. There, he collected comic books and ate guavas fresh off the branch. Then they moved to California, high school was all right, college didn’t happen but life did. He is now a storyteller, proud father of a wilding, and an occasional poet. He resides in Arcata, Humboldt County. He can be found here.