Two Photographs

Both Cling and Beyond blur the lines between the abstract and the real. These pieces not only startle the eyes but liberate them from all that is outside the world of these painting. With great focus and detail, as well as the opposite, Staeble has presented two wonderful photographs that took us in the very minute we laid our eyes on them.

Cling Cling

 Cling by Louis Staeble



Beyond by Louis Staeble

Louis Staeble lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. His photographs have appeared in Agave, Blinders Journal, Blue Hour, Digital Papercut, Driftwood, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Four Ties Literary Review, Iron Gall, Microfiction Monday, On The Rusk, Paper Tape Magazine, Revolution John, Sonder Review, Timber Journal, Up The Staircase Quarterly and Your Impossible Voice. His web page can be viewed here.