Staff Tales

The Inklette team comprising entirely of youngsters in high school or college has been busy curating submissions and adding the final touches to the magazine’s second issue, due to be released in early April. But in addition to editorial duties and preparing for finals, the multi-talented members have been involved in a host of other creative and profitable activities as well, whether it’s being published in literary journals, winning competitions or even graduating from high school an entire semester early!

Read on to find out what your favourite Inklettes have been upto in the months of January and February: 

Inklette’s Co-Founder and Editor-in-ChiefDevanshi Khetarpal, has recently joined the staff of the upcoming Moledro Magazine as a Poetry Editor. Moreover, her latest poems have been accepted at Souvenir Literary Journal and The Corner Club Press Magazine. One of her poems received an Honorable Mention from the Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest by Hollins University. Along with comrade, Trivarna Hariharan, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, the duo have also been interviewed by LitBridge. In addition to this, Trivarna’s poetry has also been featured in HIV Here and Now, On The Rusk and Random Sample Review and also joined the staff of Moledro Magazine as a Poetry Editor and Director of Social Media.

Meanwhile, the Prose Editors have been upto some serious creative writing. Liana Fu recently won two regional gold keys in Scholastic Art and Writing awards for personal essay/memoir. John Osler III had a short story published in Moledro Magazine and launched the latest issue of The Southern View, an underground satirical newspaper that he runs. But Nathalia Baum has definitely been industrious – she graduated from high school a semester early! She says, “I had to really load up my schedule to meet all the graduation requirements but I’m really proud of myself and am using my time to take classes at a nearby college and write.”

Poetry Reader, Smriti Verma too has been taking her creative writing seriously with her work being featured in B O D Y and Crashtest. Inklette is also immensely proud that Poetry Editor, Harnidh Kaur and Prose Reader, Rohit Chakraborty have been featured in the Campus Diaries’ list of “Top 25 Under 25” change-makers in the ‘writing’ category. While Harnidh has been recently published in the American Mustard, Rohit’s reviews and fiction pieces have appeared in Kindle magazine. Meanwhile Prose Reader, Umang Kalra has made it to Trinity College Dublin, Class of 2020!

Moreover, Inklette’s mischievous Illustrator/Designer, Aditi Chandra, has been busy developing her website/blog:, which is almost ready to be launched. She is also delighted to have been published in ArtRefurbishAlexandria QuarterlyCargo Literary and Moledro Magazine.
On the other hand,  the Interns have been participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities. Haley Zilberberg’s latest volunteer activities include being the Vice President of a club called ‘Access at UCF Now’ and she even received a Scholarship for the School of Social Work at the University of Central Florida! Plus, she also has her writing forthcoming on the site, ‘Everyone is gay.’ Archita Mittra has been recently published in Culture Cult, Quail Bell Magazine and Eye Art Collective. She also won the second prize in the Eriata Oribhabor International Food Poetry Competition 2015. Finally, wordsmith Paige Ariella Robinson has been working on her novella as well as writing for her school newspaper and play-writing class.
Way to go, Inklettes!

Blog Credits: Archita Mittra (Intern)

145789737574684ARCHITA MITTRA is a freshman, majoring in English, at Jadavpur University. A student journalist for Voices, the Thursday supplement to The Statesman, she is a regular contributor to Glo Mag and Quail Bell Magazine. Her work has been recognized by The Statesman, The Albert Barrow Creative Writing Competition and TATA Literature Live! To know more about Archita, visit her website here.