By The Grace Of A Sculptor

Artist Statement: “One day at an art and crafts festival, I stepped into spaces that echoed the tales of unsung creators of art. As I moved closer, my eyes witnessed a creative assortment of hand-crafted objects that spoke of artistic knack and caprice. Every little piece outshone the other and drew my attention. When I touched those masterpieces, I sensed a spark of life in them and their urge to express. Like the human race has managed its existence by the grace of God, there are a thousand little art pieces that come to life by the grace of a sculptor.”


By The Grace of A Sculptor by Nikita Kothari
Photography Ι 5472 X 3648 Ι 2015

NIKITA KOTHARI is a young and aspiring artist from Bhopal. Living the life of an explorer, Nikita loves to travel, click photographs and find stories in everything she observes. She practices freelance photography and videography in Bhopal and conducts basic photography workshops for local enthusiasts. She has published her photographic work with Society for Tigerland Conservation and Jagran Lakecity University. She is also a travel blogger with MP She curates photography exhibitions, most recently the VIFA Climate Change Photography Exhibition with Vihaan Drama Works and Dainik Bhaskar held at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal in December 2015. She is currently working as a Project Lead for ‘Make a Wish Come True’ campaign under the Bhopal Hub of Global Shapers Community.