Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Artist Statement: “This series of 3 self-portraits represents the effects and consequences of LSD on one’s perception of the world. The photographs are inspired by an experiment done by reddit user, whatafinethrowaway, where she asked her artist friend to draw self-portraits while given LSD. The series demonstrates both the vivid imagery and colors seen during one’s high, as well as the negative and nightmarish after shocks that take over during drug use.”

Stacey_Lin-Lucy_in_the_Sky_with_Diamonds copy
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by Stacey Lin
Photography Ι 16″X8″, 14″X10″, 14″X10″ Ι 2013

STACEY LIN is an industrial design student from Ottawa, Canada currently attending Carleton University. She’s an aspiring designer, winning the Lillian Rapport Arts Memorial Scholarship in 2014 as well as the Carleton University, School of Industrial Design Award of Excellence in 2015.