Artist Statement: “Even though I prefer photography as a medium to capture happier emotions, I turn to my camera when writing my heart out isn’t enough. This self-portrait serves as testimony to my undying love for Sylvia Plath, and to a semester that almost brought me to ruins, and to survival.”

Aayushi_Deshpande-Sylvia_Ink (1).JPG

Sylvia by Aayushi Deshpande
Photography Ι 3740 X 2494 Ι 2016

AAYUSHI writes poetry for the lack of prose-ac. She loves quizzing and Tumblr, and her choice of weapon is her Canon 400D. She believes that art as an agent and expression of empathy has the capacity to transform individuals and make a difference in this world. She has a recessive musical gene, and her spirit song is ‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel.