The Wild Air

Artist Statement: While strolling on the shore, I breathed the sea that brought breaking waves.  The sea was full of life with hundreds of boats, thousands of birds and millions of fishes. With sand between my toes, I touched the sea gently. That restless shore and the wild air made me realize that great things can happen at the sea. I am now a young soul full of ‘Vitamin Sea.'”


The Wild Air by Nikita Kothari
Photography Ι 6000 X 4000 Ι 2016

NIKITA KOTHARI is a young and aspiring artist from Bhopal. Living the life of an explorer, Nikita loves to travel, click photographs and find stories in everything she observes. She practices freelance photography and videography in Bhopal and conducts basic photography workshops for local enthusiasts. She has published her photographic work with Society for Tiger and Conservation, and Jagran Lakecity University. She is also a travel blogger with MP She curates photography exhibitions, most recently, the VIFA Climate Change Photography Exhibition with Vihaan Drama Works and Dainik Bhaskar held at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal in December 2015. She is currently working as a Media Officer at Bhopal Hub of Global Shapers Community.