Artist Statement: ‘Bedewed’ was photographed after the first downpour of the advancing monsoon season, maybe two years ago, in my hometown, Vellore. I was ambling around the terrace of my house, relishing the sweet petrichor emanating from the trees and flower pots around me. I noticed the water that had settled so insecurely on the leaves of all the plants and trees after the rain; it was beautiful how they adorned the verdant vegetation like priceless gems.

I ran for my camera and photographed as many pictures as I could, but my favourite is this one. I love how precariously the water is perched on the papaya leaf, as though resisting the earth’s gravity just to stay a little longer on this leaf which, God knows, has seen enough of the sun.


Photography, 2012

BETSY is from South India. She is tall, lanky and obsessive. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in The Missing Slate, Page and Spine, The Tishman Review, Quail Bell and Polyphony H.S, among others.