Lower East Side

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Almost two decades ago, SETH experienced a high-impact car accident. He started exploring art as a way to deal with chronic pain from the accident. With a background in IT, and a previous career in finance, many of Seth’s pieces are influenced by the idea of finding solutions. Seth does not communicate the intentions of individual pieces — he prefers to think of each work of art as a mystery, defined and solved by the viewer. 

After experimenting with painting, photography, and music, Seth found that digital media allowed him the greatest level of control with which to materialize his intentions. Seth uses his art to question how things make sense within a larger context. How are we influenced by shapes? How are different moving parts related to each other? How do we find solutions to help us navigate these moving parts? How do we project meaning onto all of the moving parts we experience in life? What, in the end, is the sum of all of these moving parts, and how does that affect our lives? Seth wants the viewer to experience the pieces through their own individual lenses. To Seth, art is a refuge in which has saved him from the madness of the world. To Seth, a piece of art is complete when he feels everything is in its “right place”, which is the culmination of many small decisions, which lead to a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Website: wandersman.com