The Whole World Is My Home

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THANDOKUHLE MSIBI is a nineteen-year-old artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. He can be best described as “the radiant 2nd child” or “the modern day Basquiat” as possesses similar skills of art and ethics when working. His work is just, thoroughly honest. Thando possesses this type of eccentric nature which helps set him apart and create timeless works of art. He makes all the radiance of his energy seem channeled with every piece he creates. He does not limit himself; he explores and experiments quite a lot, but, most importantly, he does what he feels, regardless of how it’s going to be received. Because in the end whether his work is understood, or misunderstood, it boils down to being another art contribution; it can either make you feel something, provoke a certain kind of emotion or, a certain thought. But as his inner energy is channeled into his work, then that alone is just him voicing his feelings out to the observer and receiver of his work.