Favorite Reading Food and Drinks

Summer’s almost here, and hopefully, that means having some time to relax, read, and munch on your favourite snacks. We asked the Inklette team what they like to eat and/or drink while reading, and their answers do not disappoint. Read some delicious bits below:

Hot Chocolate + Cheese  

Hot chocolate requires no explanation, as it’s so delicious it can be consumed under any circumstances. Cheese is tasty, filling, and, unlike chips, it doesn’t run the risk of making my fingers greasy as I turn the pages of my book.  

Joanna Cleary, Blog Editor

Tea (usually Earl Grey with milk and sugar) + dark chocolate

Both have floral scents and flavors that wake up my brain and send me into a dreamy state.

Lisa Stice, Poetry Editor

Black Coffee

I like my coffee like I like my reading life– dark and bitter. When I’m reading, I like to drink black coffee, no matter how stereotypically “writerly” it is. Coffee helps keep me focused as I read long poetry collections, stopping for a sip between each poem. The roughness of the bitter black coffee stirs the imagination, keeps the body and mind robust, and brings whatever I’m reading to back to life.

Angela Gabrielle Fabunan, Poetry Editor

Iced Tea

I recently learned how to make iced tea because of the heat wave going on in Delhi and after many tries (too many than I wish to admit), I’m happy to have perfected it. Nothing goes so well with a good book as a glass literally full of sugar and lemon juice and tea.

Smriti Verma, Poetry Editor

San Pellegrino Mineral Water + prosciutto-wrapped melon

Summer reading is a smack of something sweet and salty and dancing bubbles inside a glass with ice and the bottle nearby. Sticky fingers on pages? That’s what the Pellegrino is for!

Maria Prudente, Blog Editor

Cappuccino + Chicken Empanada or Black and Red Cherry Danish

I was never really fond of cappuccinos before going to Italy. But after having lived in Florence for five months, where I had some of the best cappuccinos at the Oblate and at Le Murate, my views have changed. Back at home, in New York, I love sitting down with a cappuccino and some chicken empanadas or danishes in my neighborhood coffee shop. A cappuccino is rich, and so are chicken empanadas and danishes. They are all warm and much like literature, they enrich my mind, my soul, my mind and, certainly, my stomach.

Devanshi Khetarpal, Editor-in-Chief

Milk Tea + Chocolate Croissant

I’ve swapped out my coffee addiction for milk tea, and I’m currently trying out a dozen or so different instant brands. My favorites have a slight earthiness with the hints of black tea, but the milk and sugar make it a perfect light drink for reading. If I want something to munch on, I’ll go for chocolate croissants. Buttery, flaky, and best of all, the chocolate is left neatly within its folds.

Sarah Lao, Social Media Manager

Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

I’m sort of addicted to coffee and milkshakes, and having a nice cold drink while I read a page-turning epic fantasy is absolutely glorious- be it a homemade delicacy or a fancy drink at a cafe, with dollops of whipped cream. I might add some chocolate truffles or cookies, from time to time. I’m also mildly lactose intolerant, but when has that stopped anyone?

Archita Mittra, Prose Editor

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