Staff Tales: Favorite Blog

While we are accepting submissions for the post of Blog Editor, we thought it would be great to ask our staff what they like most about the Inklette blog and talk about some of their favorite blogs. Here are a few perspectives.

I love helping to manage the Inklette blog because I believe our posts complement the artistic context — stories, poems, and visual art — in our issues. Specifically, they allow the personal voices of artists and readers to be heard along with the works of art themselves. Our blog also allows our magazine to have a life — to keep learning and growing — in between our issues, which I feel helps all involved stay immersed in the world of art. Moving forward, I look forward to using the Inklette blog to both connect with new readers and further cultivate relationships with long-term readers worldwide.   

–Joanna Cleary, Blog Editor

For me, picking out a favorite blog post is incredibly difficult, and part of it is likely due to the wide variety of topics we’ve covered. But to echo Joanna’s statement that the Inklette blog allows personal voices to be heard, I think my favorite would have to be the recent “Experiments with Reading/Writing” from August 30. Not only was this post a collaborative one that showcased the different voices of the staff, it also pulled from outside sources to answer questions about what we write, why, how, and etc.In the end, the final product struck me with its intermingling of voices: the Inklette staff’s, the authors’, and the different speakers’ and characters’.

–Sarah Lao, Social Media Manager

I loved the special blog feature we did with Cow Tipping Press. When our prose editor, John, proposed the idea we immediately wanted to do it. Not only was it different, but it was also encompassed a great deal of people involved with the press– teachers, writers, and volunteers. It was the opportunity to highlight their work and the work of an entire organization that is built around inclusivity, something important although lacking in the field of writing today, that excited us about what went into the making or writing of the blog as much as the blog itself.

–Devanshi Khetarpal, Editor-in-Chief

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