Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

The ninth issue of Inklette comes at the right albeit tragic time. In my own country of India, songs, poetry and history is being revived by students and protestors on the streets. I always used to believe that literature and art is my private source of hope. However, it’s now become a public source of hope, of revival and of transformation. Publishing and putting out literature and art for the world to see, therefore, seems important, seems almost as positive as lending a balm so wounds can heal.

I would like to thank all our submitters, contributors and editors who submitted their work to us. Each issue of Inklette breathes different, breathes new, and with each issue, our expectations of what strikes us as unexpected, change. Our fortnightly blog shall continue as usual, thanks to the selfless cooperation of so many writers, artists and organizations. We shall also be accepting staff applications soon for the positions of prose editor and visual arts editor.

With this, I end this short editor’s note. We look forward to many submissions that rip us apart and bring us to the light in new ways. We look forward to individuals who shall be joining our team soon. And more importantly, we hope you heal as you read.

Love and peace,

Devanshi Khetarpal