Two Pieces

Artist Statement

Afloat on Antithesis is a take on representing the struggles of existing in our patriarchal societies (its not specific to women or those who identify as women, but we are more often the targets patriarchy). It describes that no matter what scars we carry, no matter if our hearts and minds and bodies are breaking into pieces, the world expects us to always be impeccable.

When I Met Emerson on the Other Side is psychedelic art, an effort to present a surreal dreamlike space inspired by various philosophies such as transcendentalism and bits of communism, feminism etc.

SHARON GAYEN, is a corporate drone by the day and an artist by the night. She is based out of Hyderabad and takes a keen interest in Pointillism, Kirie, Psychedelic, Doodling and has recently ventured into cyberpunk inspired art. She works with a variety of medium ranging from watercolors to charcoal, her favorite medium being ink on paper. Having spent a lot of her life by the sea, she draws inspiration from crashing waves and crustaceans. She loves translating her favorite pieces of literature into art. She is also fascinated by circles, triangles and trapezoids, often incorporating them into her work.