I Look Towards East

by Karkhana-e-amoeba

From an iconoclastic understanding of self-portraiture to a more distant research based miniature style, I have built my studio which produces self-sustained works. My Images are still within the spaces of self-stories (fan fiction), addressing the environment itself that they surround. I find that self is in itself a mythical character. A formation of multitudes, different collection of consciousness and sensations that are put together into an idea of unified self, which in itself is a lie. This particular work, based on poem I wrote, represents love, loss, and politics across borders.



I can only see East now,

Hooked to a fishtail

An unreachable sail

When west is a leash


I see East now

On another page

A line draw across my eye

An absurd faith


East & East & East

At the shore of nowhere

Locked in a painted wall

I looked towards East

‘I Look Towards East,’ Multimedia on Paper, 21cm x 29cm, 2022