Editors’ Note

It is strange enough that as we start to look back, the first thing we notice is time. We remember, today, what has or has not changed since May 1, when we started reading submissions.

As we bring to you our third issue, we distill this space, this moment for some time. Here we are, standing while everything slips from our feet, after having waited on them awhile.


We think of how young children fill flasks with rainwater to drink on their way back home from school. We know how water always comes to the edge and hits the ground, gently.

With change, with new forms of arrival, we rise and fall. Sometimes we don’t make a sound.

Our lives, too, like the life of this space we so lovingly belong to, have unveiled unexpectedly. Perhaps, why everything in this issue answers something we don’t know. The answers we know are distant, hazed. And yet, it is a mystery as to how we find refuge in them, how we step out of ourselves into language that never does everything.

Carson Sawyer’s poems bring us back to the place we all belong. We wait, right here where we are, to know the answers after reading Dexter Gore’s short story. We believe the deepest mysteries after looking at the photograph taken by Aayushi Deshpande. 


Special thanks to Alexandria Heather, Nilesh Mondal, Brynne Rebele-Henry, and Michael H. Broder for being a part of Inklette’s featured section. Your work and charm never cease to amaze us.

This is the third time we are publishing Lisa Stice, a reader we all cherish and feel thankful for.

We would like to acknowledge Ashwin Pandya and Priyanka Paul for their wonderful illustrations that accompany a few pieces in this issue.

Through months of hard work and new beginnings, the staff at Inklette Magazine has, again, maintained their undying friendship, commitment and sheer brilliance to bring this issue to you. As always, we are thankful for the rare and beautiful human beings and colleagues that they are.

Lastly, both of us are grateful we share this space together— such a rare and beautiful space, just like our friendship.

Here we are with the windows open. And here we will stay for you, always.

Thank you so much!

Trivarna Hariharan and Devanshi Khetarpal


Inklette Magazine