Heavy Lighting on the Bowery, NYC

Artist Statement: I practice Forensic Foraging, an emerging photography technique developed in conjunction with  my colleague in Sydney, Australia,  poet & lensman, Jim Provencher. It is a minimalist, throw back style of photography that was more prevalent during the days of film photography before digital technology took over. It features basic techniques such a creative framing, high color saturation and contrast, creative use of natural light, and funky subject matter at times.

Forensic Foraging is based, in part, on old fashion crime scene photography. We travel to an area and sift through everything in a plodding, sifting manner. We shoot everything we find just as it is attempting to reveal the unnoticed beauty in the trite, trivial, & mundane. Our most recent projects involved Nevada ghost towns and the streets of New York City. Every day I shoot a few shots in W-S. We endeavor to create eye candy for the viewer out of the most mundane scenes and subjects.

We hope that our images cause the the viewer to see a mundane scene or object in a different, expanded way. We strive to create eye candy out of nothing unusual. However, if we come across the spectacular, we ain’t afraid to shoot it in our unique style. 
I have a website, ForensicForaging.com which is under construction to open in late September. My work is now readily available on the Internet by googling ” William C. Crawford & Forensic Foraging”. I also operate a reverse photo blog which any one may receive by sending their email address to me at bcraw44@ gmail.com.


Photography, 2016

WILLIAM C. CRAWFORD is a writer & photographer based in Winston-Salem, NC. He was a combat photojournalist in Vietnam. He has published extensively in various formats including fiction, creative nonfiction, memoirs, book reviews, and essays. His new book is highlighted elsewhere on this site. He had a parallel career as a social worker and community organizer. There, he wrote biting editorials on behalf of the powerless such as abused children, the frail elderly, and victims of enforced state sterilizations. He is known as Crawdaddy to his Yellow Lab, Scout.