Two Pieces

Artist Statement: I create body prints with feminist intent, as director, artist and model, each dedicated to a woman artist in multi-colored abstract, expressive forms reminiscent of ink blot tests. Using my body, my work initiates conversation about my role as a mother. As I’ve become comfortable, and studied art history in graduate school, I recognized similar situations with other artists. This series of tributes to feminist and women artists past and present, involves a physicality of writing about them and erasing/painting over it, to remember while recognizing their (frustrating and unfortunate) potential ill fate to history. My art is not enough to honor them, nor are such tributes a new idea. Still, optimistically, with admiration; I intentionally left one parenthesis off the titles with hope. My titles include “Mother Art” referencing my role as a mother, and the tribute artists’ (chosen or not) role in paving the way for artists like me.


“Mother Art (Tribute to Adrian Piper,” Acrylic on Paper, 18″ X 24″, 2016


“Mother Art (Tribute to Ann Mendieta,” Acrylic on Paper, 18″ X 24″, 2016

SALLY DESKINS is an artist, writer and curator. All of her work focuses on women, feminism and curating issues in art. Her artwork has been exhibited nationwide and published in Masque and Spectacle and Extract(s) among others. Her 2014 illustrated book, Intimates and Fools, with poetry by Laura Madeline Wiseman, won the Nebraska Book Award for illustration and Design. She also created art for Leaves of Absence (2016). She is founding curator of Les Femmes Folles, an organization for women in art.