Touch is the sense that makes us human

Artist Statement: “A fundamental part of our daily experiences, the sense of touch is a means of gathering information and establishing trust and bonds with other people and environments. In our current society, however, we are “connected” through so many digital channels that our physical connections are becoming lost. 

These magnetic body sculptures turn the unseeable sense of touch into a magnified motion; enhancing the sense. The material construction of the knitted sculptures allows wearers to physically connect themselves to other people and environments around them through the integration of magnetic materials. Utilising the properties of the magnetic knitted structures, these garments can also change shape and form on the body, depending on how they are connected.”


‘Touch is the sense that makes us human,’ Mixed Media, 2016

SOPHIE HORROCKS is a British knitted textile designer currently living and working in Hong Kong. Sophie is a keen experimenter who uses materials, structure, and form to explore and understand the immaterial elements of our bodies and environments. As a curious designer, Sophie believes there are no boundaries to what we can classify as a textile, drawing inspiration from all aspects of life; in particular sociological theories, nature and the human anatomy. Previous collaborations have included biomaterial engineers and computer scientists; these have aided her quest to investigate the potentials of materials.