Looking To The Light

Artist Statement: “This image is part of Robert G Alexander‘s current series, consisting of close-up studies of eyes. This series was initially inspired by his research on visual cognition and psychophysics. Knowing that when we look at other people, we mostly look at their eyes, he wondered if he could transform that typical view in a meaningful way. By taking our most commonly seen features—our eyes—and approaching that subject with awe and reverence, Alexander works to find new meaning, new depths, and new emotions in each drawing. Alexander lives, works, and creates in New York, where his daughters are a source of inexhaustible inspiration and meaning in his life. He works mostly in graphite and charcoal because he feels that the immediacy and freedom in those materials allows him to best capture the sense of empowerment that he hopes to convey in his art.”


‘Looking To The Light,’ Graphite on Paper, 2016

“Many of us struggle with our self-image. Every day, society bombards us with harmful messages. I believe that I have a special responsibility to challenge those ideas, using creative, loving compassion to celebrate feminine grace and strength. I fight back as a visual artist by honoring the positive aspects of body image and by working to break down our emphasis on physical beauty. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and strong. Our bodies are sacred; our only means to act in this world; to share love and joy. This perspective has led me to engage in dialogue with communities of women who dislike the way they look—including many who have (or are recovering from) eating disorders. Through portraying the strength in these women, and portraying their successes, I advocate for social change: More than ever, we need to recognize our strengths and celebrate the beauty that exists in each other.”—- ROBERT ALEXANDER