Two Photographs


‘Door,’ Photography, 2017


‘Family,’ Photography, 2017

MARK AIZENBERG is a self-taught photographer located at Wynnewood, PA. Mark combines his background as a neuroscientist with his photography, creating impactful, award-winning images. If asked to describe in one word his art, this word would be “simplicity”. In Mark’s opinion, basic shapes, lines and curves, complimentary color schemes can have a deep emotional impact by stimulating the viewer’s active role in experiencing the photograph. Despite using a DSLR and iPhone to create images, he often strive to blur the line between photography and painting by reducing number of details.
Mark’s work has been accepted into numerous juried exhibits distributed in the Philadelphia metropolis. In addition to his fine art, Mark offers a wide array of photography services including portraiture and events. Mark invites everyone to get familiar with his work on his website: