Urban Jungle

Artist Statement: “Literature and visual art have a close relationship in their mutual exploration of extremes and contexts of human thought. My creative writing is rooted from my personal experiences of self-identity, racial identity, coming-of-age, and family struggle. My academic writing comes from my interests in art, philosophy, and economics.

My oeuvre fulfills not only through the technical details that create and delimit it but also through its social impact, inspired across media. Much of my writing and art is situated in urban Atlanta, and the messages they paint—the two-faced nature of human rights, the abundance but scarcity of food, and the creative expression of heterogeneity—commemorate those who are voiceless. To me, creative power is a political power—a hammer for social change.”


“Urban Jungle,” Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 2017

ALBERT ZHANG is Head Editor for The Westminster Schools Bi-Line, the school newspaper. He also Co-Editor-in-Chief of Evolutions Magazine, Westminster’s annual creative writing magazine. Albert attended The Kenyon Review workshop, SCAD as a Silver Scholar, was published in Celebrating Art and exhibited in Atlanta’s High Museum, Capitol, and National Fair.